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Dr. Rovner is Recognized by the Judicial System as an Expert in Lie Detector Testing!

Dr. Rovner is the only polygraph testing expert in California who has had his tests admitted in criminal court, in the U.S. and internationally. Because of his expertise Dr. Rovner has been called in to administer polygraph testing for celebrities, actors, athletes, musicians, politicians and top corporate executives. Dr. Rovner always promises to keep test results confidential. You can be assured that Dr. Rovner will give you the same level of confidentiality that he gives to his high profile clients.

A polygraph test can provide compelling evidence that you are telling the truth. In the right hands, the polygraph can detect truth and deception with near-perfect accuracy.

The modern polygraph is able to monitor and record the physiological changes in your body when you lie and when you tell the truth. These changes, when interpreted by a skilled polygraph examiner, are clear and unmistakable evidence of truth or deception.

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